Rhodochrosite Worry Stone | Thumb Stone

 If you're experiencing heartbreak, depression, or need a boost of loving energy, a rhodochrosite worry stone is a great option for you. Rhodochrosite stones are great for stimulating love and passion that energizes the heart and soul. With a rhodochrosite thumb stone, it will guide you towards opening the heart, lifting depression and taking on a positive and cheerful outlook.

Rhodochrosite thumb stones are also amazing for improving self worth and soothing emotional stress and anxiety. Simply carry this worry stone in your pocket and place your thumb in the indentation when you begin to feel your mood shift. This can activate different nerves in your hand and fingers to promote calmness, release endorphins, and have an overall euphoric effect.



Comes beautifully packaged in a black organza bag filled with Himalayan salt and an info card explaining the healing properties of rhodochrosite.