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Warm Hugs Weighted Puppy

Our Warm Hugs Puppy isn't just a stuffed animal; it's a soothing, warm, lavender-infused and slightly weighted furry friend that feels like an aromatic, comforting hug when it's time to wind down for bed or after a midday melt down. Made with a reusable clay tourmaline bead sachet, this little puppy can keep you nice and warm up to an hour long. 

Product Features

  • Gentle weighted pressure
  • Comforting warmth
  • Reusable clay tourmaline beads sachet will stay warm up to an hour
  • Ultra-soft plush polyester (hand washable)
  • Contents: tourmaline beads, dried Lavender buds. Outer material: 100% polyester

How to Use the Warm Hug Puppy

Remove the inner hot pack from the animal cover and microwave it in 30-second increments until desired heat is reached. Do not overheat. Return pack to animal cover and close the opening securely.