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The Future You: Break Through the Fear and Build the Life You Want


By the time you reach the end of the book, I promise you will understand your Future You better than ever...you will be able to see yourself in the future you want and know the steps needed to get there.

Brian David Johnson has spent a quarter century helping governments, schools, corporations, and small businesses shape the future—now, he wants to help you. 

In The Future You, Johnson distills his work as an applied futurist and gives readers the practical tools to craft the future they’ve always wanted. Offering a unique combination of practical guidance, interactive workbooks, and compelling real-life stories, The Future You empowers readers to break through the fear of uncertainty. Whether you want to find your new passion, switch your career, or make a personal change, fear holds so many of us captive and prevents us from taking the steps necessary to start now. You no longer have to just dream about a better future, you can turn those plans, those ideas, and those hopes into reality.