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Spa Day Gift Basket

Express your love and appreciation with our Simply the Best Gift Box, a heartwarming gesture tailored for him, her, or them. Carefully curated to delight the senses and elevate the spirit, this exquisite gift box is a testament to your thoughtfulness and care.

What's Included:

  • "Under The Stars" White Box of Matches: Elevate your spa experience with these delightful matches, bringing in a touch of playfulness and coziness.
  • Baskits Notebook: Write down ideas, sketches, and memories in our custom Baskits Notebook! It's stylish, practical, and the perfect companion for your daily adventures.
  • Empress & Co. Candle - Silver Mohair: Create a soothing atmosphere with the silver mohair candle. It emits a gentle and warm glow while filling the room with a subtle, inviting fragrance.
  • Foot Brush:Say goodbye to rough, dry feet with our 2 in 1 foot exfoliating shower brush. Featuring a pumice stone on one side and a soft bristle brush on the other, this accessory is perfect for keeping your feet looking beautiful and soft all year round.
  • KOCOSTAR Rose Petal Face Mask: Indulge in a rejuvenating beauty experience with 12 slice mask pieces that bring a radiant and soft glow to your face. Made with western rose flower extract, your skin will be left feeling refreshed and moisturized while minimizing pores.
  • Matchbook Nail Files:Easily maintain flawless nails with these charming matchbook nail files, keeping your hands pampered and polished at all times.
  • Mimi and Liloo Cheeky Chai Tea: Discover the delightful flavors of Mimi and Liloo's 'Cheeky Chai' tea. This organic blend is the perfect balance of sweetness and spice, with a sassy kick. Infused with ginger, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper, this tea is packed with vitamins and minerals for a flavorful and healthy treat.
  • Mimi and Liloo Tropic Coconut Chocolate Bar 80g:Experience a tropical paradise with a delicious treat that combines the decadence of chocolate with the exotic taste of coconut, providing a blissful sensory escape.
  • Nathalie Bond-"Gentle" Unscented Soap: Indulge in a gentle, unscented addition to your skincare routine. This luxurious soap uses organic, vegan ingredients to pamper and refresh your skin.
  • Ramie Pouf: Experience the luxurious comfort of a soft and soothing tool that turns bathing into a delightful adventure, creating a soothing froth of bubbles.
  • The Penny Paper Company White Pencils: Indulge yourself in luxurious relaxation with the addition of the elegant White Pencils from The Penny Paper Company to your stationery collection.
  • Wooden Soap Dish: Ensure your soap stays neatly displayed and dry with this elegant wooden soap dish.
  • Keepsake Metal Planter: An elegant and durable keepsake for the home, adding  a touch of sophistication to any space.

With a variety of self-care gifts included, this thoughtful basket is a perfect way to show someone you care about their well-being. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a heartfelt thank you, or simply a gesture of appreciation, this gift is sure to bring joy and relaxation to anyone in need of some time for self-care.

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