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Solar Meditation Ring

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with this exquisite spinning anxiety ring. With a gorgeous marquise and oval-shaped channel set band featuring Tourmaline & Citrine Gemstones, this spinning ring is perfect for those who seek style with their inner peace.

This spinning ring is designed to represent your energetic and passionate nature. Your zest for life is contagious and your cosmic energy sets you apart from the crowd. You use your unique abilities to imagine a world without limits and all things enchanted, bringing joy and comfort to those around you.

These versatile meditation rings can be stacked and worn in many different ways, and are also known as spinning rings, spinner rings, or worry rings.

Ring Width - 4mm - Includes complimentary MeditationRings Tin & travel pouch.

Citrine Stone Benefits

Citrine is believed to promote emotional well-being and increase positive energy. It is known for aiding in balancing energy and healing your chakras.

Pink Tourmaline Stone Benefits

Pink Tourmaline helps with inner healing and balances energy. It is a great healing crystal for relieving stress, promoting feelings of joy, comfort, and hope. Pink tourmaline is the perfect stone for the heart chakra, bringing harmony and balance to your life.