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The Social Set: Crystal Set for Social Anxiety

Use our Social Anxiety crystal set to conquer your social phobias. Whether your anxiety spikes from public speaking or being in a large crowd, these stones for social anxiety will help you release fear, soothe your anxieties and enhance focus, so you can socialize confidently.

In this gemstone kit for anxiety, the stones have been carefully selected to help you overcome social anxiety from all angles. Each stone is approximately 1 inch in size, making it perfect for putting in your pocket, holding during meditation or slipping under your pillow before a social event. 

The crystals for social anxiety that we've selected are:

  • Smoky Quartz for communication difficulties
  • Pyrite for dissolving feelings of inadequacy
  • Aragonite for talking more freely
  • Amazonite for a calm, confident disposition
  • Lapis Lazuli for speaking consciously

 Gemstones for Social Anxiety

Smoky Quartz helps to relieve tension, stress, fear, sorrow, grief, anxiety, panic attacks, jealousy, anger and other negative emotions and then, transforms them into positive feelings.  Smoky Quartz also aids concentration and assists in communication difficulties.

Pyrite is a wonderful stone that helps dissolve feelings of inadequacy so you can gain the confidence and motivation needed to overcome your social anxiety. Pyrite energy helps soothe and heal anxieties, agitations, buried fears and stress and gives you an extra boost of focus, which will help you in social situations where your mind wanders.

Aragonite is a must-have gemstone for social anxiety as it allows those with difficulties in speaking out to talk more freely. Aragonite also works to heal disorders of the throat and issues with communication.

Amazonite is another wonderful gemstone for social anxiety as it aids in communication and its calming energy supports a confident and courageous disposition, so you'll come off calm, cool and collected.

Lapis Lazuli is a popular stone for social anxiety as it helps relieve anger, negative thoughts, and anxiety so you can become more honest and self-aware. It allows you to calm the mind just enough so that you can speak consciously and get the right words out.  

This set comes with a gift bag and information card explaining the different stones for intuition. Every stone is different and may not appear exactly like the photos. 

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