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Prosperity Citrine Crystal Wellness Spray for Guidance

Fill your space and energy with prosperity and the healing properties of citrine with our Harmonia Crystal Spray. Each squirt releash the healing energies of citrine gemstones and invigorating orange citrus aromatherapy. 

What does Citrine Do?

Citrine encourages you to do whatever it is you want to do in life. It opens you up to self-expression and increased creativity, helping you make your dreams become a reality. This stone is also commonly used to help release negative traits, fears, phobias and depression to bring emotional balance. 

What does Orange Aromatherapy Do?

Orange aromatherapy in all of it's forms is believed to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, according to studies. It's also believed that orange is an excellent essential oil for kids with anxiety, as the orange essential oil can reduce the pulse rate and stress hormone levels in children (and adults too). 

150 ml