Lunar Anxiety Spinning Ring

Wear this beautiful, minimalistic anxiety spinner ring and let your worries and fear dissipate with every spin. The "Lunar" spinner ring is a sterling silver meditation ring perfect for creating a distraction from your anxious thoughts. It's decorated with a beautiful spinning band featuring clear cubic zirconiums, making it a chic and stylish anxiety spinner ring that's equally as great for spinning and fidgeting with in the midst of anxiety.

You can stack this anxiety spinner ring with others to create your own unique, personal style or wear the lunar sterling silver ring all on it's own.  These versatile fun sterling silver meditation rings can be worn in many different ways!  

An anxiety spinner ring is also known as spinning rings, spinner rings, or worry rings.

Ring Width - 4mm - Includes complimentary MeditationRings Tin.


Meaning of the Lunar Spinner Ring:

You have a deep understanding and connection with the universe around you. This connection along with your intuitive nature guides you in your daily life. You are a kind and gentle individual with a free spirit and a brilliant imagination. The world is yours.