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Light Meditation Spinning Ring

The Light Sterling Silver Worry Ring is a gorgeous Free Floating Meditation Ringthat has four Silver Spinning Bands and a beautiful square center with 16 Cubic Zirconium's.

Ring Width - 7mm - Includes Complimentary MeditationRings Tin.

Meaning of this Worry Ring

"Your positive energy brings light to the universe, while you influence others with your confidence and good thoughts. You have a fun and easy-going personality that often makes you the center of attention. Known as a kind, compassionate and sensitive individual, you know how to laugh and enjoy all the magical moments life has to offer."

What are Meditation Rings?

Spinner rings are also known as meditation rings, Tibetan worry rings, spinning rings, or put simply, worry rings. They're great when used as a fidget tool to distract your mind away from your anxious thoughts.