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Lavender Lullaby Wellness Basket

Our Lavender Lullaby box is the perfect relaxation gift basket for lavender-lovers, sleep-sufferers or anyone looking to de-stress, relax and introduce some calming self care into their day. This mental health gift basket aims to provide you with relaxation items and calming tools that help you rest and unwind after a long hard day.

The collection of items in this wellness basket aim to provide you with the following elements that can help improve your mindset and mental health:

- aromatherapy 
- self-care
- affirmations
- gratitude
- acupressure
- fidget relief

Put together beautifully into a gift basket, the Lavender Lullaby is ready to be received by someone in need. Whether it's for yourself, a friend or loved one, the recipient will have all of the products needed to rest up and feel good. This includes:

  • Good night shower steamers
  • Lavender body lotion
  • Lavender hand soap
  • Lavender bath salts
  • Lavender essential oil roll-on
  • Lavender/Peace essential oil
  • Amethyst mala necklace
  • Multi-use balm
  • A Lotta Love affirmation deck
  • Amethyst worry stone

*Items may vary slightly from the photo