Howlite Worry Stone | Thumb Stone


Embrace a new beginning with a howlite worry stone. Howlite is a refreshing healing stone that can help you calm an overactive mind, ease insomnia, improve sleep and relieve stress. It encourages you to step into a new chapter and let all of the negative energy and vibes that no longer serve you in the past. Howlite worry stones help you achieve a better understanding of yourself, people, the world, and of life as a whole.

It begins you new journey.

Using a howlite thumb stone, also known as worry stones, can also double as a therapeutic tool that is quite similar to a fidget toy. Simply by placing your thumb, fingers or palm in the indentation on the howlite worry stone, you can harness the benefits of acupressure. Doing so will help activate different nerve endings that promote calmness, release endorphins, and have an overall euphoric effect.


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Product ships in February.