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Grounding Black Agate Leather Beaded Bracelet

Double up on grounding properties with our black agate beaded bracelet made with genuine leather. Black agate is a great stone to have on you at all times, as it helps balance out and remove negative energies in your environment. They also assist in bringing emotional, mental and physical balance into play, harmonizing the Yin-Yang energies that make you feel clear and aligned. 

For emotional trauma, black agate is commonly used to heal these areas while providing a sense of safety and security by removing any tension. Black agate can also guide you towards seeing the truth in all types of situations and giving you the balance, courage and confidence to move forward, free of dark emotions, such as jealousy, bitterness, anxiety, depression and resentment.

Black agate can also give you an extra boost of self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Magnetic Clasp

One Size Fits Most: 20.5 cm