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Angelite Frankincense Crystal Wellness Spray for Guidance

When you need an extra boost of guidance from the spiritual realms, give this bottle of Harmonia Gem Spray a squirt and unleash the healing energies of angelite and the scent of frankincense. 

What does Angelite Do?

Angelite is a calming and soothing stone that is one of the best healing crystals for anxiety. It is commonly used for it's ability to dispel fear, anger and anxiety residing within you, and trade it out for tranquility and peace. Angelite stones are great for easing anxiety and panic attacks especially when its associated with communication, public speaking, social anxiety or something similar. 

You can also use angelite to decrease feelings of depression, and to help you get a peaceful sleep at night, as it's great for dispelling nightmares and night terrors. This also makes it a great healing crystal for kids (slip one of these stones under their pillow). 

What does Frankincense Do?

Frankincense is an uplifting scent that is believed to be extremely calming for the nervous system. It's commonly used to lessen anxiety, encourage deeper breathing patterns, decrease unpleasant sensory experiences and recreate feelings of euphoria. 

150 ml