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Eye Of The Tiger Bracelet

When dealing with mental health concerns, whether brought on by the weather, anxiety or depression, tiger's eye is a great stone to have. It's commonly used to fight off sluggish feelings, while also awakening motivation and encourage you to find your inner strength.

Tiger's eye is a powerful stone for Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression, as it holds the heat of the sun, bringing light to those dark days. 

This tiger's eye bracelet comes with lava bead stones as well, which are super grounding that also helps you find strength and courage. Lava stone supports you during difficult times and provides you with the guidance and understanding needed to "bounce back". Tiger's eye is also a calming stone that is greatly powerful in dissipating anger. The lava beads also hold essential oils. Add a couple drops of your favourite oils onto the beads for aromatherapy throughout the day.