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Calming Good Night Shower Steamers (Pack of 12)

Turn your showers into a stress relief oasis with these pure essential oil calming shower steamers. All you need is some steam and a soothing scent of lavender and chamomile will infuse the air to help you wind down after a hard day.

  • Upgrade your shower routine into a calming aromatherapy experience
  • Made with 100% pure essential oils: Lavender & Chamomile
  • Natural & cruelty-free

Benefits of Lavender for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Lavender has been proven to effectively reduce anxiety and related symptoms, such as restlessness, disturbed sleep, and insomnia while also improving general well-being and quality of life. It has also been found to be an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia and improve sleep quality. (Resource)

Another study found that people who inhaled a lavender scent for 1 hour during hemodialysis had lower scores of depression and stress than those who did not. (Resource)

* Resources are for referencing purposes only


Benefits of Chamomile for Anxiety and Stress Relief

Studies found that inhaling aromatherapy with both lavender and chamomile essential oils can help decrease depression, anxiety, and stress levels. (Resource)


How to Use Shower Steamers

Place one calming shower steamer tablet on the floor so the warm water from the shower stream is partially sprinkling on it.