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Breeze Gold Spinning Ring

Experience the calming sensation of a gentle breeze with the Breeze meditation anxiety ring. This handcrafted sterling silver ring features two spinning bands - one in 9KT rose gold and one in 9KT yellow gold - for a stunning contrast. The scalloped edge pattern adds a touch of flow and movement, reminding you to stay grounded and go with the flow.

Crafted with high-quality .925 sterling silver and two solid gold spinning bands, this ring is both durable and luxurious. Measuring at 10mm in width, it's a statement piece that also serves as a useful tool for managing stress and anxiety.

To use the spinning bands, simply wear the ring and spin the bands whenever you feel restless or anxious. This action can help induce a sense of calm and bring you back to the present moment. The Breeze meditation ring also comes with a complimentary tin and travel pouch for easy portability.