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Bay Leaf Burn for Anxiety Relief

Bay leaf burning is often hailed for its incredible ability to reduce anxiety., and it's said that the bay leaf smoke contains linalool, which is a compound found in a number of other calming plants, including mint and lavender. 

Several studies and research suggests that linalool seems to have a calming effect, including a 2010 study suggests inhaling it could help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety.


You can also burn bay leaves as part of your spiritual practice to manifest what you want in life. Simply write it on your bay leaf before burning and let the magic happen.

Kit contains 1 large bag of bay leaves and information card. 

How to Burn Bay Leaves for Anxiety Relief

  • Collect your leaves (try writing your wishes on the leaves before burning).
  • Carefully light the end of one leaf.
  • As soon as the flame catches, quickly blow it out, allowing the leaves to slowly smolder.
  • Place the leaf in the fireproof dish. Keep the burning leaf near you, out of reach of pets or children. Don’t let the leaves burn unattended.
  • Let the leaves smoke for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Let the ash cool completely before throwing it away.

*May contain pieces of bay leaves as well as full ones*