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Purple Agate Banded Tumbled Stone: positive energy and mind strength

Look at this beautiful purple agate banded tumbled stone. Purple agate healing stones are great for using when you need an extra boost of positive energy, performance and efficiency. It's commonly used to adjust energy balance to ideal levels to find your best mood and to increase your mental and physical performance.

Purple agate has been used as a good luck charm since back in the day when soldiers used to place this healing stone in their breastplate before heading off to war.  It's believed to bring strength while under difficulties, and it can also be used for extra luck when going after your dreams. 

That's not it though! Purple agate healing properties also include enhancing creativity, which has many famous artists and designers hailing this healing stone as their number one. 


Size: Large (approximately 1 1/8'' to 1 1/2'')


Comes in an organza bag with a card explaining the stones healing properties and how to use it. 


**Every stone is different and may not be identical to the picture