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Subscription Box

ūüĆē ūüĆĖ ūüĆó ūüĆė ūüĆĎ ūüĆí ūüĆď ūüĆĒ¬†

choose from our energy healing box full of good vibrations or our natural health box full of earth's greatest medicines. 


Which mental health subscription box is best for you?

1. Warrior Wellness is our main anxiety subscription box that sends you natural relief, hope, help and healing + worksheets created by mental health professionals. (If you can save 50 cents a day, this box is the ultimate anxiety gone experience!)

2. Boost Box is our Warrior Wellness box, compressed down into a smaller size for the perfect boost of mental health and happiness. 

3. Warrior Spirit is our latest box which is not anxiety-specific. Instead, it's a subscription box for high vibrations, energy healing, spirituality, healing crystals and all of those good vibes. It's a feel good box that serves as the perfect compliment to our main Warrior Wellness subscription.