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The Mental Health Malachite Bracelet

 The therapeutic uses of Malachite have a long and well-documented history. Malachite healing properties can help you overcome all sorts of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health concerns or battles. In crystal therapy, malachite stones are often used to help with depression and anxiety, and to draw out the negative energy disrupting your mental health. 

Mental Health Benefits of Malachite Crystals

Malachite is one of the top recommended crystals for mental health, as it can help you battle depression and anxiety in a variety of ways. It's believed malachite can heal trauma from emotional abuse, especially if it comes from childhood. It's also a wonderful stone for social anxiety as it assists in overcoming fear of confrontation or fear of being seen. 

Physically, Malachite is said to help relieve cold sweats, trembling, and intestinal problems, all of which are common symptoms of anxiety. 


  • One size fits most
  • Comes with gemstone card
  • Packaged in a gemstone pouch

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