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Peace Of Mind Amethyst Beaded Bracelet

Wear this amethyst beaded bracelet throughout the day for a powerful dose of protection and stress relief. Amethyst is beautiful stone that is amazing at transmuting low, anxiety energy into love and protection. It's a natural tranquilizer that relieves stress and strain, eases irritability, balances mood swings, dissipates anger, rage, and fear.

How Does Amethyst Help Anxiety?
Amethyst is the ultimate stone for mental health. It helps balance your mood by soothing negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, depression, irritability, and anger. Amethyst also alleviates sadness and grief, with its strong healing and cleansing powers.

This amethyst beaded bracelet has a combination of frosted agate and black obsidian.

  • Frosted agate has powerful grounding and centering effects
  • Black obsidian is super protective and grounding as well.

Together, this amethyst bracelet sets you up for the day!

Size: One Size Fits Most - Adjustable

Bead Size: 10 mm