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Nunya Portable Mini Campfire Candle

Clean 100% soy wax mini bonfires are compact and mighty, making them a beautiful way to bring warmth into any space, our beeswax candles release a natural honey scent while producing a soft, soothing candlelight.

These portable, relightable and long lasting bonfires are perfect for creating experiences of all kinds—enjoy camping, glamping, tailgating, at the beach or gathering with friends in your backyard, apartment balcony or front stoop.

We like to use them with our Unicorn S'mores kit!

It’s nunya our beeswax where you roam, but we are making it our biznass to light you up along the way!

  • Bonfire: 16 oz in volume, 14.5 oz in weight, Dimensions: 4”x2.5”, 100% natural, 100% soywax, 100% wood, 4 hour burn time.


Using The Portable Campfire with Evidence-Based Anxiety Strategy 

Research backs the idea that sitting near a naked flame induces feelings of calm and puts the mind at ease. This portable campfire allows you to do just that, even without a campfire or fireplace!