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Unwind Himalayan Bath Salts

Unwind after a long day with these himalayan bath salts, infused with lavender, rose and geranium for the ultimate stress relief experience. These finely granulated salts are made with pure essential oils that release an aromatic soothing scent into the steam as you soak away. They also contain 84 essential minerals, no detergents, parabens, emulsifiers or harmful ingredients.  

  • Geranium essential oils have anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, sedative, anxiety-reducing, and muscle-relaxing properties  (Source)
  • Lavender can effectively reduce anxiety and related symptoms, including restlessness, disturbed sleep, and insomnia (Source
  • Lavender can improve general well-being and quality of life (Source)
  • Rose oil acts as an anti-depressant, can induce relaxation, and had many anti-anxiety effects (Source)

Size: 100G

* Resources are for referencing purposes only