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Goldstone Crescent Moon Gemstone Necklace

Embrace the moons healing energy and the detoxifying properties of goldstone with this beautiful Crescent Moon gemstone necklace. Goldstone is a stone of inspiration, and even considered a warrior stone due to its ability to transmute dreams and ideas into physical manifestations. into your every day with our beautiful half crescent moon gemstone necklace. 

Wire-wrapped into the Tree of Life, a symbol that represents your personal development, uniqueness and individual beauty. 


Healing properties of goldstone

A man-made piece of modern mythology, Goldstone is the ultimate stone for ambition. It calls into your sense of warmth, the power of your own mind and hand, and the attainable goal you wish to reach. It inspires you to go explore the areas of your life where drive, imagination, and creation want to take you.Goldstone is believed to bring success through harmony, calmness, and patience. It’s a stone that helps stabilize big emotions to allow a flow of optimism to come through. It also has reflective properties that help you see yourself and situations clearly so you can use this knowledge to make choices that benefit you in all ways. Use this stone to channel your inner creativity and ambition or to encourage generosity, joy, confidence, and courage.