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Chakra Balancing Gemstone Gift Set

Make sure your energy centers (chakras) are cleared with our Chakra Balancing gemstone gift set. With this set of stones, you can use reiki or energy practices to remove any negative or stagnant energy from your chakras to boost your entire mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health can feel stuck.

This gemstone set is designed to give you the tools you need to relax, breathe, and heal your chakras and comes with:

  • 7 pcs. Chakra stone set
  • Chakra bonded worry stone

How to Use Chakra Stones?

Use the individual stones on your energy centers to aid with meditation or energetic practices. Simply place the chakra stones on the 7 different chakras, breathe, relax, and let your intention loosen up any blockages. 

Clear Quartz (Crown)
Amethyst (Third Eye)
Sodalite (Throat)
Green Aventurine (Heart)
Yellow Jade (Solar Plexus)
Carnelian (Sacral)
Red Jasper (Root

You can also toss the tumbled chakra stones or the chakra worry stone in your pocket or purse and let the different stones put everything into alignment while you're on the go.