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Blue Spot Jasper Worry Stone - for times of stress, anxiety or bullying

Blue spot jasper is an excellent jasper gemstone if you're feeling bullied, ridiculed or need a push to stand up for yourself or others. It encourages you to be in the moment, so painful experiences from the past don't plague you with anxiety in your present. It also helps you find your confidence, courage and strength. 

Is jasper good for dealing with mental health?

All forms of jasper gemstones are excellent choices for managing mental health, as they're known as 'the supreme nurturer', that supports you through times of high stress and anxiety. It encourages you to be your authentic self and protects you from negative vibes. 

How to use a jasper worry stone?

With this blue spot jasper worry stone, you can do just that simply by placing your thumb in the indentation. This helps activate nerves in your hand and fingers that can promote calmness, release endorphins, and have an overall euphoric effect.


 Comes beautifully packaged with a worry stone information card, as well as a gemstone card that highlights the benefits of this stone. 

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