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Luxe Aromatherapy Lavender and Tourmaline Neck Scarf

Relax and unwind with our Luxe Aromatherapy Neck Scarf filled with lavender and Tourmaline. When gently warmed, the therapeutic temperature enhances the soothing properties of lavender aromatherapy to promote relaxation. The tourmaline adds an extra dose of grounding, soothing energies. 

How to use

  • Remove tags from the inner pack before heating in the microwave.
  • Microwave inner pack only. Do not microwave faux fur cover.
  • Include a half-filled cup of water to heat alongside the pack.
  • Heat in 30-second increments until desired warmth is reached. Do not exceed 2 minutes in total heating.
  • Let heated scarf stand for 20-30 seconds before using it. The scarf should be warm, not hot.
  • Always check the temperature before using.

Care Instructions

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth. Do not wash, bleach, tumble dry or dry clean
  • Allow to fully dry and return to room temperature before storing
  • Store in a cool, dry place


  • Do not cinch the scarf tightly
  • Do not overheat. This product can cause burns
  • Avoid prolonged contact with the skin
  • Always remove the plush cover when heating or cooling
  • Always replace the plush cover before use
  • Not for use by people with diabetes, nerve damage or reduced awareness of temperature or sensation. If you have medical concerns, consult your medical practitioner prior to use.