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Fidget Cube for Anxiety, ADD & ADHD | 6 Sides of Fidgeting

When you feel the urge to fidget, that alone can make you feel super anxious but this fidget cube makes it easy to fidget without creating a huge distraction. Our unique, 6-sided fidget cube is perfect for anxiety relief, ADD and ADHD coping. It distracts your mind when you're feeling anxious while also keeping your hands busy to satisfy the urge to fidget. 

With this unique fidget cube, you can:

  • Click - 3 out of 5 buttons are silent
  • Flip
  • Glide
  • Roll
  • Breathe
  • Spin

Our 6 sided fidget cube is the perfect solution for anyone struggling with anxiety, stress, ADHD or ADD - whether they're a child or adult. It's small enough to fit in a backpack, purse or workbag, and the perfect size to bring into conferences, meetings, classrooms or anywhere that heightens your anxiety. With this fidget cube, you can have a distraction that isn't distracting. It's designed to promote focus in most situations and can really work wonders for distracting your mind away from anxiety or giving your fingers something to do to keep your mind focused. 

Pick from three colours:

  • White and Rose Red fidget cube
  • All Black fidget cube
  • Blue Gray fidget cube
  • Yellow fidget cube