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Acupressure Ring | Suko Ring

Roll some relaxation onto your finger with our soothing Acupressure Rings that were a hit in our Warrior Wellness Box - so much so that you can now purchase them right here, right now. 

Designed with little triangular shaped points, these acupressure rings apply the same principal as acupuncture without penetrating the skin. It is great for distracting the mind, channeling energy and improving your overall wellbeing while also stimulating pressure points on your fingers. Feel free to switch up the finger you use for different sensations and relief. 

Our acupressure ring is also a great distraction tool or fidget tool. It's made with utmost durability to maintain shape and flexibility. 

 One size fits all. 

How to use an acupressure ring:

Roll an acupressure ring up and down your finger to stimulate different acupressure points on your finger, and to experience relief and soothing sensations. 

Special Discounts:

Buy 30 acupressure rings (Classroom Set) for 40% off 

Contact info@anxiety-gone.com for discount.