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Energy Strands: The Ultimate Guide to Clearing the Cords That Are Constricting Your Life

Energy strands affect you every day, many of which can be constricting your life and even causing you to experience anxiety. 

Native shamanic traditions tell us that there are cords, strands, threads, and filaments of energy that flow to and through us, connecting us to everyone and everything in the Universe. Some energy strands make us feel vibrant and alive. Others deplete and weaken us. Most of us are unaware of these energy strands, but they are extremely powerful forces that surround us every day.

In her latest book, Energy Strands, Denise Linn shows you how to release the cords that bind you and strengthen the ones that heal you. She shares methods she’s personally practiced over the years to help you achieve peace and balance in your life, including how to:
• discover attachments to family, friends, lovers, past-lives, and pets
• cut energy strands with toxic people and unhealthy relationships
• activate specific techniques to protect and shield your energy field
• use space clearing methods to create harmony in your home

Energy Strands explores the connection between the chakras, breath, meditation, visualization, sound healing, and more. Using a variety of tools, including dowsing, smudging, singing bowls, crystals, and much, much more, you’ll begin to renew your energy, replenish your inner sources, and magnify the cords that empower you.