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Aromatherapy Vent Clip

Unleash the aroma of your choice and bring it with you wherever you desire with our Aromatherapy car clip or aromatherapy vent clip. Made with utmost durability and quality, this aromatherapy clip can bring you the soothing scents of whatever essential oil you choose for any anxious days to come. 

If you don't have a car, no worries. You do not need a vent to harness the benefits of aromatherapy. Just place this aromatherapy car clip for anxiety in your pocket or clip it onto your purse; set it on your bedside or put it on your desk, and the scents will slowly and softly seep out. 


How to Use an Aromatherapy Vent Clip

Add a couple drops of your favourite essential oils onto the pad and pop the pad in your aromatherapy clip. The magnetic properties of the aromatherapy clip will close and keep the scented pad in place. 


Package comes with 1 device + 5 refillable pads of different colours.