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Untold Sterling Silver Meditation Ring

Embrace your inner truth and authentic self with the Untold meditation ring. Designed with two beautiful black ceramic spinning bands and a beautiful cubic zirconium centre spinning band, this anxiety ring takes things to a new, calming level of elegance.  Also known as spinning rings, spinner rings, or worry rings.

How to use an anxiety ring?

Using an anxiety ring is simple: spin the inner bands. To maximize the benefits of relief that can come from using a spinning anxiety ring, bring attention to your spin by visualizing your anxious thoughts dissipating.

Meaning of this Meditation Ring

"Often characterized as a mysterious and intricate individual, you have many depths to your personality. Your intense and emotional energy allows you to deeply connect and feel empathy towards other. You are a highly intellectual individual who looks at the world as a place full of possibilities, with a magnetic attraction that draws others to you."

Ring Width - 12mm - Includes complimentary tin.