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11 Ways The Anxiety Monthly Box Is Also a Depression Subscription Box

Chantal McCulligh | 22 November, 2017

            11 Ways The Anxiety Monthly Box Is Also a Depression Subscription Box

Anxiety and depression go hand-in-hand. You will rarely find someone who suffers from anxiety who doesn’t also experience symptoms of depression. And for that reason, my anxiety monthly box also serves as an effective depression subscription box.

Let’s go over the most common forms of natural anxiety relief (many of which you’ll find in your monthly anxiety box) and see how it’ll help with anxiety.

Natural Products for Anxiety and Depression

1. Essential Oils

The majority of essential oils for anxiety also fall in the list of essential oils for depression. Think lavender, patchouli, ylang ylang, chamomile, sandalwood, jasmine, etc.

2.  Yoga

Yoga works to calm the mind, body and spirit. By doing these types of exercises, you are able to regulate your breath, lower tension, break up negative cycles, become self-aware, learn self-acceptance – and the list goes on. As such, a monthly subscription box for anxiety that includes yoga tools, you can also alleviate symptoms of depression.

3. Healing Crystals

The natural stones of the world all have different energies, and the ones that help alleviate symptoms of anxiety also treat depression symptoms. For example, the Prasada mala bead that’s made of white howlite is designed to calm an overactive mind which instantly decreases feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. 

4. Meditation Tools

Again, when you calm the mind, body and spirit, you’re also calming your depression. Meditation allows you overcome those mental hurdles – whatever they may be. So, any meditation tools provided in my monthly anxiety box can also be used to decrease depression.

5. Light Therapy

Many physicians and therapists use light therapy to treat both anxiety and depression. This form of therapy works by correcting the chemical imbalance in the brain that often occurs due to a lack of sunlight.

6. Stress Putty

When you alleviate stress, you improve your mood and depression (and anxiety) naturally subside. Stress putty gives you a (healthy) outlet to let it all out!

7. Teas

Natural healing teas are often made out of similar ingredients that can be found in essential oils for anxiety and depression. As such, they can treat both. So, any healing teas you may find in your next anxiety monthly box can also be used to alleviate symptoms of depression.

8. Plants

Plants that help alleviate symptoms of anxiety do so by cleaning the air by reducing toxins, chemicals, pollution, dust, dirt, etc. How so, you ask? Refer back to your grade 10 science class – Photosynthesis, oxygen and all that good stuff.

As such, living in a space with high air quality will improve depression and anxiety.

9. Room Sprays

Again, the power of essential oils can be used to treat both anxiety and depression.

10. Diffusers

If you receive a diffuser in your new monthly anxiety box, you can use it to treat everything. From colds to flus, dust, debris, anxiety, depression, insomnia – you name it.

11. Motivational Tools

Need I say more? Motivation is motivation, and we can all benefit from having a little extra in our life.

So, if you have anxiety and depression, or one or the other, start your natural healing today with a mental illness subscription box. It’s called the Anxiety Gone box but as you can see, it’s just as good at helping you overcome depression!