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Yin Yang Bracelet

Bring balance into your life and wardrobe with our Yin Yang bracelet. Created with a combination of beads, this beautiful beaded bracelet brings subtle style and energies into your day. 

Howlite is an amazing stone for embracing change and a new chapter in your life. 

How Does White Howlite Help With Anxiety?

White howlite is a great stone for anxiety, specifically if you're experiencing difficulties with sleeping or an overactive mind (aren't we all?). With this stone, it helps create ambition and motivation, and the energies encourage you to keep moving towards achieving your goals. It's also a powerful stone for eliminating rage, pain, stress and anxiety, and trades in these negativities with calmness, proper communication and patience. 


In addition to the white howlite, the Yin Yang bracelet also has lava stone beads, which are super grounding because, well, they're from volcanoes! They also hold essential oils and with a couple of drops on the beads of your favourite aromatherapy, this beaded bracelet can double as aromatherapy bracelets. 


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