Winter Wellness Kit

This calm box from our Warrior Wellness subscription boxes for anxiety is a must for fighting off the lows that come with life sometimes. It's a top-seller, complete with all types of anxiety relief, hope, help and healing to get you through the winter season and well beyond. 

As seen on City Line, Canada's #1 top morning talk show. 

In this box, you receive $150 value for much less. It includes:

  • I Am Divine Cards from Barbara Burke
  • Magnesium Supplements from 88 Herbs
  • Chakra Incense from Reverse Karma
  • Amethyst Lavender Roller from Stone Well Farm
  • Brocco Chocco from Newco Natural Technology
  • Lavender Soap and Spray Kit from Purple Haven
  • Magnesium Spray from Healing Hollow
  • Crystal Suncatcher from Anxiety Gone
  • 2 Teas from Tea Drops

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