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Trust Your Intuition Gift Box


Let's Open Your Third Eye Chakra...

In this spiritual gift box, you receive $200 retail value of intuitive tools that can help you dip into a calm and quiet state of relaxation so you can tune in to your intuition. It includes:

  • Amethyst Mala Bead Necklace 
  • Intuition Crystal Set
  • "Intuitive One" Essential Oil
  • Intuition Bath Salts
  • Crystal Candle: Intuition

Amethyst Mala Bead Necklace 

Mala beads are a sacred tool for meditation. Use to track mantras, your breaths, or to help focus during the meditation practice or wear them throughout the day for it's powerful healing powers and energies.

Intuition Crystal Set

Exclusively designed for #AGWarriors, this Intuition Crystal Kit comes with sacred stones that will help you open your Third Eye Chakra, awaken your intuition and see much more than what meets the eye. Add a stone to your pocket, purse or pillow, place on your Third Eye Chakra or hold during meditation.

Intuitive One Essential Oil

Heighten your intuition and open your third eye chakra (pineal gland) with high vibration oils. Roll on temples and soles of feet during meditation and/or throughout your day.

Intuition Bath Salts

Being able to rest, relax and quiet your mind is key to enhancing your intuition. These bath salts fromWunderBar are infused with detoxing Himalayan salts, dried flowers and jasmine scent, which is associated with the moon and the rituals of magic and healing.

Crystal Candle: Intuition

 WunderBar created these stunning Intuition Crystal Candles just for you.The soy wax is crystal charged with amethyst and clear quartz for a sacred space. Light the candle to release the divine jasmine scent, commonly referred to as the "Queen of the night".