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The Mind Support Toolbox | Portion of Profits Get Donated to a Non Profit

The Mind Support Toolbox is a mental health and wellness box designed to provide you with a collection of products that help to support you on your journey towards having a more resilient mental health. It aims to guide you towards making healthy habits that allow you to be better prepared to deal with mental health challenges and everyday stresses.


What's Inside the Mind Support Toolbox?

Each item in this mental health box represents a positive, healthy habit that has been proven by scientific research to support mental health resilience. As you open the Mind Support Toolbox, you'll find the Mind Support Toolbox introduction flyer. This flyer contains a scientific explanation of the benefits of each item in the wellness box. 

Next, you will unpack the wellness items and tools that will help you reach stronger mental health resilience. This includes:

  1. A coffee replacement so you can enjoy a calming morning without the anxious jitters and midday crash
  2. The Mind Support mental health postcards so you can reconnect with friends and family
  3. The Mind Support sleep journal, so you can track your sleep habits and identify room for improvement
  4. A jump rope to get you motivated to start your fitness routine and get those good endorphins flowing
  5. The Mind Support colouring book to help you calm down in a fun and creative way after a long day (you'll be amazed at the research supporting adult coloring books)
*Candle and colouring pencils in photo not included*


 A Wellness Box That Gives Back

A portion of your Mind Support Box purchase gets donated to a non-profit organization, Mind Support, to help finance their peer and self support programs and to help them create a more intuitive and safer platform for those seeking mental health support through their website.


A booster for your Mind, Support for our community