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PREORDER Student Stress and Anxiety Relief System | Online Program

Back to school sparks anxiety in children, parents, teachers and support staff; back to school during a pandemic is a whole other ballgame. However, we aren’t here to be the bearer of bad news. Instead, this online anxiety program will help you, as a parent or teacher, understand how to help children who experience anxiety about going back to school or in the classroom.  

With this online anxiety relief program, we cover everything relating to back to school anxiety and student anxiety, including things, such as:

  • What Is Anxiety
  • Types of Student Anxiety
  • Managing Test Anxiety
    • Symptoms of Test Anxiety
    • Study Tips
    • Proper Organization 
    • Creating an Optimal Study Space
    • Asking to Take Tests Outside of the Classroom
    • Group Presentations
  • Dealing with Social Anxiety
    • Bullying
    • Feeling Alone
    • Feeling Isolated or Disconnected
    • How to Talk to a Teacher or Parent
  • Covid19 Anxiety in Schools
    • Wearing Masks
    • Feeling Trapped
    • Getting Bullied Because of a Cough, Sick Day, Mask, etc.
    • Asking Someone to Move Away
    • Worrying About Getting Sick
  • How to Ease Stress Associated with Course Selection and College
  • Understanding Your Child's/Student's Anxiety
    • Fears Your Child/Student May Be Experiencing
    • How to Address the School Regarding Your Child's Anxiety
    • Learning Disabilities That May Increase Anxiety
    • How to Approach Your Child/Student
    • Resources Available

... And that's barely scratching the surface! We then dive into incredible anxiety solutions, coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques for every student situation you can think of. 

It's an online anxiety program, so you can download it right onto your smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer for on-the-go reading and quick and easy access whenever you need. 

Created by the owner of Anxiety Gone, professional, award-nominated writer and fellow anxiety warrior, Chantal McCulligh and teacher/educator, student success coach/tutor, professional speaker and author, Denise Lowe. 


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