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Social Anxiety Crystal Kit

Allow the crystals to do the talking with our Social Anxiety crystal kit. In this set, you receive four powerful gemstones that will help you overcome difficult social settings and in a variety of ways. 

This crystal gift set includes:

  • Blue kyanite cluster
  • Sodalite raw gemstone
  • Blue lace agate tumbled stone
  • Amazonite tumbled stone
  • Gift box
  • Carrying bag
  • Card

Blue Kyanite is a powerful stone that can help you speak your truth. It’s renowned for opening the Throat Chakra (communication) to promote self-expression and to strengthen your voice. It doesn't hold negative energy, so you don't have to charge it. 

Sodalite is known as the stone of peace. It can help calm the mind and ease panic attacks. It helps you speak and communicate from your heart and show up to your life as the most authentic version of you. Sodalite aligns what you think with what you feel, so you can communicate more effectively. 

Blue Lace Agate is one of the top stones for social anxiety, as it  stimulates the Throat Chakra and is known as The Stone of Articulation.This stone will help you communicate clearly and effectively, while guiding you towards choosing the right words. It's particularly beneficial for public speaking. 

Amazonite helps connect the throat and heart chakras, so you can speak from the heart and speak your truth. It's a great stone for social anxiety as it helps you communicate your thoughts and feelings with clarity.


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