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Smudge It Out | 3 pcs Smudge Bundle | Protection, Cleansing & Clearing

Grab this three piece smudge bundle set for all of your saging and smudging needs. Our Smudge It Out kit contains 1 eucalyptus smudge, 1 floral sage smudge and 1 nag champa smudge for the ultimate experience anytime you need. 

Types of Smudge Bundles

Eucalyptus smudge is used for protection, increasing health and inducing energy for cleansing. 
Floral smudge is used for clearing negative and stagnant energy, and replacing it with feminine power and a restored sense of emotional balance. 
Nag Champa smudge is used for purify any environment, clearing out all negative and stagnant energy and filling it with positive vibrations.
Smudge sticks are 4 inches long. 
Comes in an organza bag with a Smudge It Out card.