Self Care Sunday | Mental Health Gift Box

Indulge in some self care with this beautiful mental health gift box. In this box, you receive a collection of goodies that make up the perfect self care Sunday, including comfort food, bath salts, soothing scents, delicious tea, and more. 

Take a bite out of Brocco Chocco bars, which includes 4 lbs. of broccoli in every bar, giving you a delicious dose of sulforaphane, making it a powerful treat for your health.

Then, pour the Full Moon Bath Salts into a tub of warm water for a relaxing, aromatic soak that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. 

Make yourself a cup of tea by dropping in a Tea Drop, light the candle or burn some incense for a calming aroma and treat yourself to a facial mask. 

Finish the night with a mist of lavender spray on your pillow and wake up feeling revitalized. 

This self care gift box includes:

  • 2 Brocco Chocco Bars 
  • Full Moon Bath Salts
  • 2 Tea Drop 
  • Cinnamon Chai Candle 
  • Spiritual Incense 
  • Clay Mask 
  • Lavender Spray and Soap 


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