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Sage Bundles with Dried Flowers, Herbs, and Crystals

Smudging your home has many possible medicinal, energy healing properties, and anxiety relief that have been used for thousands of years. These beautiful sage smudge bundles are put together with colourful dried flowers, a healing crystals and herbs to create a powerful practice that can be used in your home and/or spiritual practice. 

** Seasonal dried flowers, so may vary. **

To use, simply light your smudge stick and move about your space in slow wafting movement with an intention in mind. 

Benefits of Burning Sage

    1. Purify your space and keep infectious bacteria, viruses, and fungi at bay
    2. Relieve symptoms of respiratory conditions
    3. Enhance your spiritual connection
    4. Dispel negative energy
    5. Cleanse and empower items
    6. Boost mood
    7. Soothe stress and anxiety
    8. Improve quality of sleep
    9. Boost cognition
    10. Increase energy

Size: 5" x 2" (L x W)