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Orbicular Jasper | Anti-Anxiety & Uplifting

Orbicular Jasper is a unique gemstone for mental health, as it includes a formation of inclusions in orb patterns throughout the stone. It's a powerful stone for anxiety, as it helps you achieve the happiness and relaxation of sitting on the shore of a tranquil sea or sacred oasis. Orbicular Jasper, also known as Sea Jasper or Ocean Jasper, is great stone for when you're feeling down and need a pick-me-up, as it activates and aligns your solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras to help you find balance and flow just like the ocean. It aids in the ability to combine your desires with your emotions and is commonly used to help push one to achieve joy, happiness and emotional stability, making it an excellent stone for your overall mental health and wellness. Ocean jasper encourages you to release your anger or any emotional blockage, so you can settle unresolved emotional issues and bring about emotional healing. It also helps with communication to assist with social anxiety, making it easier for you to speak more positively and effectively about what is happening around you. that leaves you feeling joyful, happiness and lifted. 

Size: Extra Large - 2 1/4'' to 3 1/2