Mom & Me Gift Box for Kids

In this children's gift box for parents too, you receive a bunch of appropriate tools for younger kids. Each item has been selected by our littles as their favourite ways to calm down. 

Value is $95 and comes with:

  • Stressed Out For Parents Self Help Book
  • You Should, You Should (a favourite for our littles)
  • Fairy Door (both boys and girls use this to write the fairy when they need some help and place it in the mailbox as they wait for "the fairy" to write back some inspirational words)
  • Good Vibes spray
  • Suko acupressure ring
  • Pyrite healing stone

Pyrite Healing Properties

We chose pyrite for this children's mental health gift box for a couple of reasons. For one, we found that kids immediately gravitate to pyrite due to its sparkling gold exterior. Secondly, it is a highly protective stone that shields the user from all types of negative energy. It's the perfect size for fitting in their little pockets, yet large enough that it won't be lost easily.

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