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Kyanite Clusters | social anxiety, alignment, break bad emotional habits

Kyanite is a high vibrational stone that can instantly align your chakras (energy meridians in the body) to clear emotional and energetic blockages to restore balance and yin and yang energy in your mind, body, spirit and life.  This helps you release habitual emotional patterns that disrupt your mental health, again and again and again. Use Kyanite to break those patterns to restore soothing, balance.

Blue kyanite also has a calming effect on any stirred up emotions. and can free you from frustration, stress and anxiety. It helps you speak your true (great for social anxiety), by slicing through those fears and blockages that make self expression and communication difficult. 

You can also use blue kyanite to help you communicate in difficult situations or with disharmonious people, as it will calm the emotions of anyone suffering from anger.

Blue kyanite is also a great stone if you're suffering from anxiety at night or insomnia, as it promotes healing dreams.