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Kitchener, Ontario Canada

Heart Healing Crystal Kit

Mend a hurt heart with our Heart Healing Crystal Kit. This self care kit comes with four large gemstones carefully selected specifically for those looking to heal and overcome a broken heart or heartache of any kind. Whether you're going through a breakup or trying to move on from emotional trauma, this crystal set can provide you with the healing vibrations needed to get started.

Our Heart Healing Crystal Kit comes with:

  • Green Opal
  • Cobaltoan Calcite 
  • Amethyst
  • Mangano Calcite

Green opal aids in the healing of the past so you can finally free yourself of the pain.

Cobaltoan calcite helps you open the heart after an emotional trauma.

Amethyst eases emotional and psychological pain, allowing you to heal without bringing forth new trauma by doing so. 

Mangano calcite encourages forgiveness, self-worth and self-acceptance.