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Green Opal Tumbled Stone | cleansing energies, pain & racing thoughts

Green opal is a beautiful, earthy cleansing and rejuvenating healing crystal that harnesses the energies of both wood and water. It's cleansing energy helps you calm racing thoughts and clear your mind, so you can see through chaotic moments, making it a particularly great stone for anxiety.

This healing stone can also help you work through painful and uncomfortable memories that may be clouding your judgement and ability to achieve abundance in your heart, health and finances. It's soothing water elements will support you through the flow, as you confront and organize your thoughts to re-open the floodgates to your heart. 

For those moments when you're unsure how to act, feel, or address a situation (hello, social anxiety!), green opal will help you in this department so you can enter a transitional phase, whether emotionally, financially, physically, or spiritually. 

Green opal encourages you to travel to the lush, green forest deep within you to clear the branches and let the soothing water flow towards your future endeavors and relationships.  

Size: Large (1.5" to 2")