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Moss Agate Worry Stones | Thumb Stones

 Worry stones are powerful anti-anxiety tools that allow you to ease stress and worry anytime you feel it arise. This tradition stems back to Buddhist meditation when monks began meditating with smooth, round stones, rubbing their thumbs on the stones surface. Eventually, an indentation where the thumb rubbed the stone would form and this indicated that the monk reached a stage of enlightenment. 

These worry stones come indented but the concept and healing is the same. Whenever you're feeling anxious, rub your thumb on the indent or use the worry stone to meditate and calm your nerves. 



Moss Agate is known as being the stone of new beginnings. It's used to refresh the spirit, allowing you to see the beauty in all. Moss agate stones can also be used to reduce sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. As a bonus, this healing stone can also attract wealth and self-esteem.