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Heavenly Light Meditation Necklace

Introduce light into the dark corners of the mind with our two super calming crystals for anxiety, our Heavenly Light meditation necklace serves as the ultimate piece of  jewelry that can be used leave negative thought patterns and an anxious mindset behind.

The Heavenly Light meditation necklace is made with:

  • White howlite 
  • Sunstone 
  • 108 beads 

How does white howlite help anxiety?

White howlite is a super soothing stone that is commonly used to calm an overactive mind. It can also help ease insomnia, improve sleep, relax the mind and body and release any stress and tension being stored in your body. 

How does sunstone help anxiety?

Sunstone is like that feeling you get when you wake up early on a summer morning and the sunshine hits your face just right. It's brings in all kinds of light into your energy centers to cleanse and balance your mind, body and spirit. It's believed to flood dark corners of the mind with a cleansing light of sun to wash away negative thought patterns and replace it with sunshine.  


One size fits all.