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Kitchener, Ontario Canada

Good JuJu Gift Box

Get rid of negative or stagnant energy and bring in al the good juju you deserve with this spiritual gift box. In this set, you receive the perfect combination of self care products for both yourself and your environment, including:

  • Sage and Fir Smudge Bundle
  • Reiki-Infused Cleansing Pillar Candle 
  • Selenite Stick
  • Abundance Fragrance Oil

How to Use our Good JuJu Wellness Box

Using a fire-safe bowl or abalone shell, light one end of the smudge bundle and blow the flames out to allow the embers to produce cleansing smoke. Walk around your home or the area where you feel some good juju is needed and allow the smoke to  cleanse the space. Light the reiki-infused pillar candle to fill the air with your intention and a yummy scent. The selenite stick can be used as a vacuum to suck up any old energy from yourself or your environment.  Slowly wave it up and down your body or place in the area where cleansing is needed. To finish off your cleansing experience, add a few drops of the abundance fragrance oil into an oil burner or diffuser to keep the cleansing coming.